Fine Point Stylus

for iPads and Android Tablets.


  • Spare tips for the Nota can be purchased here
  • Fine point stylus for iPad and Android Tablets
  • The Nota fine point stylus works when wearing gloves
  • Ships with a battery spacer - please remove before use
  • Simple power button on the side of the stylus
  • Powered by a single AAA Battery (included) which lasts for months

Also checkout the YuFu - ultrafine tip and pressure sensitivity. The YuFu Pro is available for pre-order now.


What is the Nota Ultra Fine Point Stylus?


The Nota is a fine writing instrument for iPads and Android Tablets. It's based on some exciting patented technology we developed while building the JaJa - the worlds first Pressure Sensitive Stylus. It has an 3.7mm fine tip, and with its active electronics, it can even be used with gloves



The Nota stylus is different.


The Nota is the first stylus to be electronically active, this means it can have the worlds smallest tip. The electronics feed a unique signal back into the screen to simulate touch. It can even be used whilst wearing gloves. The Nota is powered by a single AAA battery (included), which can last for 6 months of solid use.



Why is the Nota Ultrafine Stylus So Great?

The Nota has an ultra fine tip - less than 3.7mm - half the size of most normal styluses. Importantly it works with all screen protectors, compatible with all Apps, and it works with all iPads, Android Tablets and smart phones. It gives better visibility.

As you can see in the video, the Nota tip doesn't distort when drawing so it is more precise than fat rubber tips. The Nota tip is firm rather than a soft blob - this is much better for note taking and drawing in general. Plus it works with all screen protectors - we can even draw thru electrical insulation tape!

The Nota will ship with two tips in the box (1 on stylus and 1 spare), spare tips will also be available from our website in March. The tip should last a long while, but since it is silicon it will eventually wear out.