Pre-Order the aClock Bluetooth Alarm Clock:



aClock is a brilliant alarm clock that you will be proud to own.

Pre-order and save 15%! aClock will ship in Early 2015



aClock is very simply the best bedside alarm clock you can buy:

  • Use App to Set Time, Calendar Events, Multiple Alarms, Variable Snooze
  • Phone not required after setup - no distractions when sleeping!
  • E-ink Display, high visibility like Kindle
  • Tap to illuminate at night - adjustable low brightness backlight
  • No buttons! - Double tap to snooze, Shake to turn off alarm
  • Use App to select clock face display style - customise the look
  • Interchangeable Clock Faces - 4 included, choose from 3 different packs.
  • Bluetooth low energy for background sync up to 60 feet away
  • Setup Unlimited Alarms in Free companion App for iOS and Android
  • Upload any MP3 to use as your alarm
  • Micro USB rechargeable battery
  • 1 year battery life

Interchangeable Clock Faces

Modern Face Pack - Black and White - aClock

Modern Face Pack - Colored - aClock

Modern Face Pack - Colored - aClock