Levels of Pressure


Create naturally precise pen strokes required by creative professionals.

Works on ALL iPads - 1, 2, 3, 4, AIR and Mini

JaJa senses how hard you push against the screen and translates this data into a smooth brush stroke that varies in thickness and opacity - just like a real brush or pen.



Works with all the World’s Best Apps

Sketching, Painting & Notetaking



Natural Strokes

Pen, Brush & Eraser Strokes


Enhance your natural artistic ability and capture digital data while sketching directly onto the screen.




No Bluetooth & No Syncing

Works with ALL iPads*

The stylus will work with JaJa compatible Apps - No Syncing or Bluetooth required.

JaJa will also work (without pressure sensitivity) with any app on any iPad including the Air and Mini.



Teflon Tip

Precise control

The innovative JaJa Teflon Tip gives precise control and is super fine so your work is visible.

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Draw for Days

with 1 x AAA Battery


The JaJa is powered by a regular AAA battery that can be replaced on-the-go.




Graphometric Signature Verification

Mobile Business Solutions to allow digital signatures on-the-move

Sign or annotate naturally and directly onto forms, plans or correspondence.

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Also checkout the YuFu - ultrafine tip and pressure sensitivity. The YuFu Pro is available for pre-order now.



Unleash your


JaJa artist’s create stunning images

View our image gallery to see what other artist’s can do with the JaJa.

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