JaJa Stylus and AppTag Laser Blaster provide developers with a green field ripe for innovative App creation. We can't wait to see what you create, and our customers are always hungry for more Apps. We'll help promote your apps. Being developers ourselves we know what you need! Just ask and we'll help!

Read our getting started guide and you'll know the basics, our SDK is really simple - so you can get straight into making the JaJa Stylus or the AppTag Laser Blaster do what you want!

The easy to use communications systems mean you can integrate our SDK easily with existing Apps, or bring new games or drawing apps to life. Once you are ready to test your Apps - we're happy to help - just drop us an email and we can assist you with testing.

When your app is ready, we provide PR and marketing assistance. We have distribution agreements in place worldwide. Also, take a look at our Affiliate Program! We pay 30% commission for any sale of the JaJa Stylus or AppTag! If you have a big user base already, promote JaJa Stylus and you'll be amazed at the additional revenue!

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